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Athletic Policies*


There shall be no games or practices on days preceding final exams.


No practice will be held on a Wednesday or Sunday.


Parents are responsible for their athlete's transportation for practices and games. CCS is in no way responsible for, nor will it supervise, transportation to and from an athletic event.


In the event that a player falls below a 1.7 grade point average or receives a failing grade in one or more courses, as determined by the Administrator, he/she will be suspended from all games for the period of one week. Grades will be averaged each Friday and reported each Monday. Players ineligible at the time of grade reporting will not play any games the following week (Tuesday-Monday). Players who are eligible at that time will be allowed to play in all games the following week. Players may continue to practice with the team at the parents' or coach's discretion even when they are academically ineligible to play. Players who are ineligible due to grades will not dress out with the team for games or travel to any away games.


If a player is ineligible to play due to grades three times during the season, the coach and administrator will evaluate whether or not the player should remain on the team. If a player is ineligible to play due to grades four times during a season, the player will automatically be removed from the team.


If players have missed at least a half day of school on the day of a practice or game for any reason other than a family emergency such as a death or a medical emergency with an immediate family member or on a school activity, they may not attend practice or play in the game.


Because developing the quality of commitment is a major goal of the program, athletes who miss the practice before a game, at the coach's discretion, may not start in the next game. Athletes who miss an excessive amount of practices may be removed from the team. The coach will specify what is excessive at the beginning of the season.


Coaches have the prerogative to play athletes as they see fit to be competitive. This means that players may not necessarily have equal playing time.


Because one of the purposes of the athletic program is to develop Christ-like character, especially in the area of self-control, any player who displays temper or disrespect on the playing field must be removed from the game. He/she may return to the game at the coach's discretion.


If students who are not members of the team wish to attend an overnight out-of-town tournament, a parent or a responsible adult must accompany them. Chaperones for the team will not be responsible for students who are not on the team.


Parents of athletes must assume the following responsibilities:



They must take their turn at the admission/concession stand.



They must take their turn at cleaning the gym following games.



A schedule will be given to families early in the season. If the athlete's parents are unable to fulfill their obligations for any reason, they must please find another parent who can replace them.


Because CCS must utilize other gyms for practice, parents should be responsible for transporting their athletes to practice. Do not assume that another parent will take responsibility for your child. Parents may certainly work out a rotating schedule that meets their transportation needs.


Parents, players, and other CCS fans are expected to represent the school in a Christ-like manner at all sporting events. This includes the following behaviors:



Being respectful to officials and other fans



Being respectful to the other team, and following the guidelines of the school where the game is held



Holding one another accountable in these areas


Violators of this policy may be asked to leave the game.


All students participating on sports teams shall follow the spirit of the regular school dress code in the choosing of uniform sizes and the wearing of uniform clothing. Therefore, unnecessarily short shorts and skirts are not appropriate. Likewise, no undergarments should show when an athletic uniform is being worn. In addition, any player who does not feel comfortably modest in standard-issue, sports uniform item will be given the option of wearing another, similar item. Uniform substitutions must be approved in advance by the team's coach, and must not inhibit game play or violate game rules or conditions. (Substitution Example: A girl playing volleyball who does not feel modest wearing the standard-issue Lycra shorts would be allowed to wear longer, looser fitting shorts so long as the color was appropriate and the length didn't inhibit game play.) Players who show up to a game in a uniform that violates this policy, as determined by the coach and or the administrator, will not be allowed to participate in that event.


Athletes must turn in all uniforms before receiving their final report card for the year or their diploma if a senior. Uniforms must be returned in the same condition in which they were issued. If not, the student will be required to pay for the uniform.


All students must receive a physical PRIOR to beginning practices for any sport.


Students who leave a practice or game due to a major injury must have a written doctor's release to return.


Students will be required to pay a fee for each sport in which they participate.


Sixth grade students will only be invited to participate in the secondary sports program if there are open slots on the team. Coaches will determine prior to the enrollment period how many players they will need for that season.


Parents and players will agree to these policies in order to participate in the athletic program of CCS.


Money received from admissions and concessions will be used to pay referee fees, tournament entry fees, and other miscellaneous athletic fees.

NOTE: "Player" or "athlete" refers to any student playing on any sports team sponsored by CCS, any student cheering on the cheerleading squad, or any student acting in an official capacity associated with the athletic program.

* These policies are also outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook, Section 800. Please defer to the Handbook as the most current source on the policy guidelines.

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