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Mission & Core Values

About Us

Our Mission
To equip young people for a Christ-centered life through a biblically focused education

Our Vision
The vision for Crosspoint Christian School is that it be an organization that partners with parents to equip young people for a Christ-centered life. The school seeks to do this as an independent, interdenominational, parent-run organization. The curriculum is biblically focused. The program is designed to train young people to seek Godly wisdom and truth as the guide for daily living. Interwoven into all aspects of the school academics, policy, instruction, discipline, activities and governance is the belief that God's truth must be above all, and in all.

Crosspoint also operates under the assumption that the administration, faculty and staff, parents, and students all play an essential role in the work of the school. Each group has both authority and responsibility in their role.

Administrators are to guide and facilitate the education process

Faculty and Staff are to communicate the Truth with their words and actions

Parents are to lead both their children and the school by a Christ-centered standard

Students are to demonstrate the best use of their God-given gifts and abilities

And, in keeping with the example set by Christ, every agent of the school is to be accountable to both their coworkers and the LORD.

Our Core Values
We are privately funded and thus governmental agendas and programs do not influence our school.

Our school is not affiliated with any church or other outside governing body. Because we are private and independent, we are free to determine what constitutes the best possible education for our children without outside interference.

Our teaching focuses on Biblical principles, not denominational beliefs. Our teachers and students come from a variety of church backgrounds.

Parents are essential for the school to function. While the administration is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the school, the Board of Directors and all working committees are composed of parents and other interested persons. Matters concerning budget, curriculum and policy are taken before the parent body for approval.

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