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What?! I'm Supposed to Read This Summer??


We hope you are having a great summer!

More importantly, we hope you are reading! Reading and understanding what you read are essential parts of academic life. Also, reading is
the most important way you can prepare for college entrance exams. As a result, we have a summer reading program that constitutes the first English grade you will receive this fall. The summer book report forms are included below along with the reading list. Use the form that applies to the grade you are entering this fall, not the grade you have just completed, and fill out the form after you have finished your selected book. If you wish to read a book by an author not listed, please contact your teacher to receive approval before you begin reading. This book report is worth 100 points and will be collected in your English/literature class on the first day of school. You may print out the book report form more than once if you wish to read additional books over and above the required book. Additional book reports may be submitted for a limited amount of extra credit.

Several of the area public libraries offer summer reading programs with prizes (often gift cards) for teens who complete their requirements. Consider joining one (or more) of these programs!

Please note: In order to receive the full benefit of this summer reading program, read books you haven't read before! Try new authors! You may discover a new author that you really enjoy (we do ourselves)! Obviously, we won't know most of the time if you've read a specific book prior to this summer, but we certainly know if it's part of our standard curriculum and therefore you've read it in one of our classes in a previous year. Summer book reports on such books will not receive credit!

Enjoy your summer and enjoy reading!

Mrs. Avery (636-388-6443 or by email) for English 6-9
Mrs. Honeycutt (636-742-3009 or by email) for Literatures 10-12

Recommended Summer Reading List
Book Report - Grades 6-9
Book Report - Grades 10-12

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